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All Night Long (Classic Original Soundtrack Album)

Composers: Philip Green
Tubby Hayes, Keith Napper, Sonny Miller, Johnny Scott, Johnny Dankworth and Dave Brubeck
Cat No: FILMCD1009
Format: Audio CD (Stereo / Mono)
Release Date: 22 April 2014

RRP: £5.99

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Filmed in 1961, All Night Long is loosely based upon Shakespeare's Othello, updated to a contemporary London Jazz situated in a converted East End warehouse. The film's director Basil Dearden and producer Michael Relph were approached by American producer Bob Roberts following their success with the 'social problem' film Sapphire. Roberts was blacklisted due to the McCarthy hearings, he held the rights to the screenplay written by Nel King and Paul Jarrico (a McCarthy blacklisted writer, working under the name Peter Achilles).

Jazz club owner Rod Hamilton (Richard Attenborough) arranged for a first wedding anniversary party for American bandleader Aurelius Rex (Paul Harris) and his wife singer Delia (Marti Stevens). Drummer Johnny Cousin (Patrick McGoohan) has the finance to start a new band, but only if Delia is part of it. She declines his offer because it would end her marriage. Cousin then attempts to tear their marriage apart by spreading rumours to Rex to about Delia and editing a taped conversation.

To add authenticity to film, the producers engaged many of the best jazz musicians in Britain for cameo appearances and to feature on the soundtrack plus Dave Brubeck and Charles Mingus who were both touring in Britain at the time. Supervising the music was Philip Green, who had worked with Basil Dearden and Michael Relph on some of their previous films including The League of Gentlemen and Sapphire. (Both available on Classic British Film Music Volume 2). Even the title music from Sapphire was reused on All Night Long (track 3).

According to the original sleeve notes, Philip Green wrote the original themes and the musicians were allowed to a certain degree of improvising. Co writing with Tubby Hayes on The Chase (track 13) and Kenny Napper on Sax Reference (track 12). With Johnny Drankworth composing Fall Guy (track 7), while Johnny Scott wrote Scott Free (track 4) . Dave Brubeck performed his own compositions Its A Raggy Waltz (track 5) and Blue Shadows In The Street (track 6), both from his recently recorded Time Further Out and featured on his 1961 UK tour.
The film was not a box office or critical success, with generally negative reviews from the film critics. Monthly Film Bulletin described the film as “unconvincing and wearying” with “corny jazz jargon spoken in mid-Atlantic accents” and “unconvincing and wearying”.
Although the music critics were more positive, Graham Boatfield in Jazz Journal wrote that it is “...noticable for its intelligent use of jazz music ... the music was modern and worthwhile, treated seriously and an integeral part of the story and its treatment”. While Charles Fox in The Gramophone reviewing the album wrote “... frankly it's something of a relief to be able to listen to the music without the burden of watching the film, even though the attempts by some of our local musicians to look nonchalant on-screen had a fascination all their own .”
The music showcased British modern jazz in early 1960s, ranging from the small groups arrangements to the large jazz orchestras. Noted performances was the excellent flute playing by Johnny Scott on Scott Free (track 4) and Tubby Hayes' Tenor sax solo on Sax Reference (track 12). Also bass players Jeff Clyne and Kenny Napper were also praised for their playing. While Skin Fever (track 11) showcased the skill of Alan Ganley on the drums, with Patrick McGoohan miming the part in the film.

In his sleeve notes for the original release, Benny Green the jazz musician and broadcaster he wrote that “...the music turns out to be very good jazz indeed”. He also considered if the music should have “an independent life of it own” after the film finishes it run in the cinema. He concluded that “... The answer depends in all cases on the quality of the individual score concerned. It seems quite clear to me that no matter what fate might befall All Night Long ... the score to the film deserves to survive as a separate entity. The improvisations are fresh and alive, the scoring imaginative and the compositions interesting in their own right. It may even be that in five years time somebody might refer in conversation to All Night Long without ever having heard of the film at all.”
Track Listing
4Scott Free
5Its A Raggy Waltz
6 Blue Shadows In The Street
7Fall Guy
8Wingate's Spot
9Muy Rapido
10Dedication To Johnny Hodges
11Skin Fever
12Sax Reference
13The Chase
Bonus Tracks
16All Night Long - Marti Stevens
17I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You - Marti Stevens
18All Night Long - Valerie Masters. Orchestra conducted by Johnny Gregory


Overture (Track 1) and Finale(Track 15)
Johnny Scott, alto Tubby Hayes, tenor Bert Courtley, trumpet R Burns, Damian Robinson, F Reidy, Phil Goodie, Ronnie Ross, saxes Kenny Napper, bass Keith Christie, trombone Colin Purbrook, piano Ray Dempsey, guitar Alan Ganley, drums Stan Roderick, Tommy McQuater, Freddie Clayton, trumpets L Clarke, J Irvin, Jackie Armstrong, trombones S Whittaker, drums

Noodlin' (Track 2):
Tubby Hayes, Vibes Charles Mingus, bass Ray Dempsey, guitar Allan Ganley, drums

Sapphire (Track 3) :
Johnny Scott, alto Tubby Hayes, tenor Keith Christie, trombone Colin Purbrook, piano

Scott Free (Track 4):
Bert Courtley, trumpet Keith Christie, trombone Johnny Scott, flute Tubby Hayes, vibes, tenor Colin Purbook, piano Ray Dempsey, guitar Kenny Napper, bass Alan Ganley,drums

It's A Raggy Waltz (Track 5) and Blue Shadows In The Street (Track 6):
Johnny Scott, flute Bert Courtley, trumpet Dave Brubeck, piano Kenny Napper, bass Allan Ganley, drums

Fall Guy (Track 7):
Johnnny Dankworth, alto Alan Branscombe, Kenny Wheeler, tenor Tommy McQuater, trumpet Spike Heatley, bass Ronnie Stephenson, drums

Wingate's Spot (Track 8):
Tubby Hayes, flute Alan Ganley, drums Ronnie Ross, Baritone Jeff Clyne, bass Barry Morgan, Latin-American drums

Muy Rapido
(Track 9):
Johnny Scott, alto Kenny Napper, bass Keith Christie, trombone Colin Purbrook, piano Allan Ganley, drums

Dedication To Johnny Hodges (Track 10):
Johnny Scott, alto Tubby Hayes, tenor Bert Courtley, trumpet Keith Christie, trombone Colin Purbrook, piano Ray Dempsey, guitar Kenny Napper, bass Allan Ganley, drums

Skin Fever (Track 11) and Frenzy (Track 14):
Johnny Scott, Tubby Hayes, H Conn, Ronnie Ross, saxes Bert Courtley, Stan Roderick, Derrick Abbott, Ray Davies, trumpets Keith Christie, Don Lusher, Wally Smith, Ken Goldie, trombones Kenny Napper, bass Allan Ganley, drums

Sax Reference (Track 12) and The Chase (Track 13)
Johnny Scott, Tubby Hayes, Keith Bird,Ronnie Ross, Damian Robinson, saxes Bert Courtley, Stan Roderick, Tommy McQuater,Derrick Abbott, trumpets Keith Christie, L Clarke, J Irvin, Jackie Armstrong, trombones Colin Purbrook, piano Ray Dempsey, guitar Kenny Napper, bass Allan Ganley, drums