Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems Of Color & The Music of Alec Wilder

Composer: Elmer Bernstein, André Previn, Victor Young, Alec Wilder, Nelson Riddle, Gordon Jenkins, Billy May, Jeff Alexander
Artists: Frank Sinatra (Conductor). Woodwind Octet. The Columbia String Orchestra and Harpischord. Mitch Miller. Julius Baker. Harold Goltzer.
Cat No:CCD2001
Format: Audio CD (Mono)
Release Date: 25 November 2011

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Buy Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color Frank Sinatra Conducts Tones Poems of Color & The Music of Alec Wilder - Frank Sinatra
On 22 February 1956, Capitol Records opened with great fanfare its new futuristic studio and office complex. It was designed by Welton Beckett and resembled a stack of records, with a stylus on top. To mark the occasion, the inaugural session in Studio A was by Capitol's most popular singer Frank Sinatra for his new album Tone Poems of Color, although he did not sing a single note.

Besides being a popular singer and actor, Frank Sinatra had a great appreciation for classical music and was a great advocate of light classical music, know as light music in Britain. Many of the light music composers also wrote for film, television and radio,For Tone Poems of Color, Frank Sinatra pick up the baton and conducted a full symphony orchestra performing twelve specially written pieces of light classical music.

Eight leading Hollywood composers/ arrangers were commissioned to write tone poems named after various colours based on the poetry of Norman Sickel (a writer on Sinatra's radio shows), "vividly reflecting a rainbow-hued range of mood and character."

Over ten years prior to the recording of Tone Poems of Color, Sinatra made his recording debut as a conductor with a 78rpm album for Columbia of the Music of Alex Wilder, who was one of his songwriters. Sinatra heard Wilder's orchestral music backstage at the Paramount Theatre, on a portable record player. Although he never conducted or could read music Sinatra decided that he wanted to conduct and record them himself. At first the musicians were apprehensive with this singer who though he could conduct. Although Sinatra by all accounts was a natural conductor, he knew what he wanted and explained it clearly to the orchestra, resulting in these fine recordings.

Track Listing
1White(Victor Young) 
2Green(Gordon Jenkins) 
3Purple(Billy May) 
4Yellow(Jeff Alexander) 
5Gray(Alec Wilder) 
6Gold(Nelson Riddle) 
7Orange(Nelson Riddle) 
8Black(Victor Young) 
9Silver(Elmer Bernstein) 
10Blue(Alec Wilder) 
11Brown(Jeff Alexander) 
12Red(André Previn) 
13Air for Oboe(Alec Wilder) 
14Air for Bassoon(Alec Wilder) 
15Air for Flute(Alec Wilder) 
16Air for English Horn(Alec Wilder) 
17Slow Dance(Alec Wilder) 
18Theme and Variations(Alec Wilder)